A comparison of the campaigns of president bush and senator kerry

Louis with Charles Gibson moderating. He has since been outspoken against the handling of the war and of the Bush Administration's stewardship of occupied Iraq, attacking what he calls poor planning and poor diplomacy on Bush's part, but supports remaining in Iraq until the task of reconstruction and reconciliation is complete.

Besides the impact of coming in third, Dean was further hurt by a speech that he gave while at a post-caucus rally.

George W. Bush presidential campaign, 2004

Number of Americans without health insurance has risen in his presidency, reaching The page MOU covered in minute detail many aspects of the staging and format for the presidential and vice-presidential debates.

Well, that does not have to be our future. At home, George Bush looks at lost jobs, falling wages and rising costs and tells struggling middle-class families that everything's just fine.

John Kerry presidential campaign, 2004

The cowboy hat-wearing, former country-rock singer-songwriter based in Austin, Texas, used to be a Democrat and specializes in warm-and-fuzzy biographical spots.

His mistakes and misjudgments have hurt our troops, have put our troops at greater risk, have overextended the armed forces of the United States, have driven away our allies, have diverted our focus from Osama bin Laden and the real war on terror.

Dick Gephardtand Gov. Education and science[ edit ] Kerry voted for the No Child Left Behind Act and argues that it should be "fully funded" which would entail funding several programs up to authorized levels of funding. Sign up for Take Action Now and get three actions in your inbox every week.

Bush vs. Kerry at a glance

Under pressure from Catholic leaders because of his support for legal abortion, Kerry has said it is important to stand up for separation of church and state. Is an avowed free trader, has embarked on a series of trade agreements with countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Weaver and another consultant met in a bar in Birmingham, Ala.

Bush and John Kerryand believe this contrasts with the Presidential electionin which both candidates attempted to portray themselves as " centrists ". The 6-foot-3 consultant occupies a sunny apartment in a converted factory on Horatio Street. The incessant replaying of the " Dean Scream " by the press became a debate on whether Dean was victimized by media bias.

Rove for work that, Mr. It is said to have centered on Mr. And that new momentum could in turn place our constitutional system itself at risk.

But I think this event today with President Clinton was very important to the strategy of winning Pennsylvania, it's kind of like a twofer in a way, an attempted twofer because you've got the city itself and its heavy African American population. Federal support to expand access to state-administered health insurance for children.

He has a four-point plant to deal with post-war Iraq but no deadline for U.

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He skipped over a long waiting list to receive a spot in the Air National Guard ; once he was in the Guard, it has been alleged he did not complete all his required duties.

Bush to be President of the United States. Rove produced direct-mail fund-raising appeals. Weaver told The Observer: New progressive organizations have been founded and will outlast the election.

What can be saved—let us rescue the beautiful word from the cesspool through which the Bush Administration has dragged it—is freedom.

President Bush, Senator Kerry Campaign in Battleground States

Bush for the G. She quickly streamlined the organization and focused the candidate, campaign and message. Bush victories under his belt. Americans will not be intimidated or influenced by an enemy of our country.

As he has consistently voted against the positions of the National Rifle Associationin he was given a performance rating of F, their lowest rating. But the campaign also reopened an old rivalry for the consultant.

Bush vs. Kerry at a glance

Kerry proposed border enforcement reformation and an increase of border enforcement funding. We never accepted Bushism. He proposed a new "Education Trust Fund" to require the federal government to fund programs up to their authorized levels.

It is in the nature of warnings in general that you cannot know whether the danger in question will come, or be averted by timely action, or perhaps never present itself at all. A Kerry presidency would seriously disrupt the concentration of power at the heart of the present danger.But Kerry now makes a distinction between granting a president war-making authority as a member of the Senate and, as commander in chief, actually taking that fateful step, which he says Bush should not have done.

Mar 05,  · Mr. Bush, the son of a president and the grandson of a senator, castigated Mr. Kerry as a Washington insider who has been in Congress so long that he has taken both sides on just about every issue. Aug 10,  · The Democrat campaigns as a war hero, but barely mentions his two decades as a legislator, allowing the GOP to paint him as a flip-flopping ultra-liberal.

What has he actually achieved? The presidential campaign of John Kerry, the long-time U.S. Senator from Massachusetts who would eventually become the U.S.

Secretary of State nine years later, began when he formed an exploratory committee on December 1, Apr 20,  · Senator John Kerry attacked the Bush administration on Monday for what he called ''a secret deal'' with Saudi Arabia to cut oil prices in time to help the president in the November election.

Bush also viciously attacked Senator Kerry’s record of serving in Vietnam. These “swift boat” attack ads were widely seen as one of the primary reasons for Senator Kerry’s defeat. Eight years later, President Obama’s campaign is brutally savaging Mitt Romney as an aloof elitist.

A comparison of the campaigns of president bush and senator kerry
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